Thursday, April 22, 2010

list 2.

Four tet. PROPELLORHEADS. Velvet pants.
Jimi hendrix, hammocks, 1964
Warhol + lichtenstein
Yayoi kusuma, soup cans, brillo boxes, marilyn monroe
Public image limited
PSYCHIC ILLS and psychic encounters, overwhelming #s of coincidences
Meeting the xx at an atm machine, the red line, c.c. And basebal bats
Clowns and water guns
Collages, audio projects, radio shows, hosts, characters, card games,
Television screens, pop art, fighter jet planes, the world trade center,
Post 9/11/01 america, brunch, pressed pot coffee, peace, protest
Doors, windows, double sided tape. Hot chip, jewelry, karaoke machine,
Electronics, electro, rombo, cheapo, cartoons

Archie and Veronica comics
Hot to trot
Psychic death, sleeping dogs lie, quotes coffee cups smoking jokes
Bands, gang life

The nameless one and dark sidewalks, tagging
Getting up
Graffiti, war, tanks, clouds

Pretty telekinetic wardrobes and endless
Bliss, castle mania, manic dollhouse brown hair grocery shopping pink nailpolish

Perfect thursday