Thursday, April 22, 2010

list 2.

Four tet. PROPELLORHEADS. Velvet pants.
Jimi hendrix, hammocks, 1964
Warhol + lichtenstein
Yayoi kusuma, soup cans, brillo boxes, marilyn monroe
Public image limited
PSYCHIC ILLS and psychic encounters, overwhelming #s of coincidences
Meeting the xx at an atm machine, the red line, c.c. And basebal bats
Clowns and water guns
Collages, audio projects, radio shows, hosts, characters, card games,
Television screens, pop art, fighter jet planes, the world trade center,
Post 9/11/01 america, brunch, pressed pot coffee, peace, protest
Doors, windows, double sided tape. Hot chip, jewelry, karaoke machine,
Electronics, electro, rombo, cheapo, cartoons

Archie and Veronica comics
Hot to trot
Psychic death, sleeping dogs lie, quotes coffee cups smoking jokes
Bands, gang life

The nameless one and dark sidewalks, tagging
Getting up
Graffiti, war, tanks, clouds

Pretty telekinetic wardrobes and endless
Bliss, castle mania, manic dollhouse brown hair grocery shopping pink nailpolish

Perfect thursday

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

making my list

Making lists of bands in little notebooks, burned velvet davenport cds and a tape recorder from savers that is also a flashlight and a radio and has a little handle...I'm so glad medusa is just a couple crackstacks away on this west bank, it was nice to walk in the side gate with a cafe mocha. Cheers to this, bus ride to chicago in single digit hours, because I need a little adventure and I'm on vacation so the time has come to see what this megabus is that I've heard so much about. Soon I'll have in my possession a hard copy of kfai shows with friends, want to start that board certification course right now in bed (if only). Glad I talked to the deerhunter dude because I started to feel like my encounter with bradford was slightly off kilter but then I realized it was all in the cards of that evening. Anyway how many shows can you go to in one night? I find myself missing dubstep but hearing it in the exit of the varsity...dearling physique blew me away...the way he was moving his legs and each one of them posturing and the noise in my body because it was so loud and perfect. I want to just be there for all of this, its starting to fit in the strangest and most surprisingly comforting of ways. Figuring out the puzzle is half the joy. Maybe more than less is found in less than what I thought was necessary before and this realization is sweet. I decided tonight that from now on I'll only eat the sour mambas. I keep coming across ashtrays in thrift stores from best western hotels...if you're ever stoned and want to make something weird, go to savers on lake street and check out that whole wall of the plastic baggies they put together of random shit and pick some out. Today we found puffy stickers of mr. T, micheal jackson and lionel richie, along with a cool night light and a 1920's inspired photo book probably from the late 80's/early 90's. The cops are outside down on the street again, I hear the sirens. Incense and peppermints is putting me to sleep. Feeling better every breath and inch

Thursday, April 8, 2010

tapes tapes tapes!

Audio recording devices are making themselves apparent in every corner of my playground, sandbox life in a plastic bucket. For that boy I walked the plank away from safety in old tricks and laid it

all out on the table instead but I already knew he would not like to watch

what is the most important thing? thousands of precriptions seemed like a good idea, throw in the towel

his clothes looked like a projection of the fantasy I didn't recognize
this early spring metamorphosis
do you like it for a reason other than the one you read on a blog, where is arthur lee where are the cowboy killers
their fat elementary school future is not the same genetic material as the
way my bones are trained

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


caked with layers of
mindspit, how did mandela peel himself out, or the
king, martyred luther

mr stand in, you forgot about the margins

how many names do you need to do it under a sea of coalitions, committees,
conditions? political leverage and monopoly money,

get out of jail free cards
Hallmark and green cards
immigation status and six years incarcerated.
interstate 10 like a guillotine blade and the green face of mexico
shantytown freckles

Why did you serve in the Persian Gulf War? I served for this country because I believe in this country. I thought that they needed our help. Now it seems ironic...

and the judge says
"There's many veterans that came in front of me. What makes you so special?"

two to three thousand aliens
who have served in the US military
facing deportation

then Sargeant down on 1st and 7th, all the too much love kids and the taxi cabs, and hundreds of confirmed kills performed by the hands that are shining their shoes

biting the hand that feeds and every other kind too.chess games played on foreign soil and their
anticlimactic results
play-time politics in a sandbox
ken doll with princess diana
scenic route to the tower of babel
salt pillars looking familiar somehow

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I can't believe there's so many things going on at this pocket in time, I fear that I keep making myself go faster each time just so I won't miss the next one. But running back and forth downtown last night then to the west bank under the cover of black sky to rooms with musicians and body painting, stages and bodygaurds and coat check rooms with tape recorded sounds. Picnics on the floor with an apple and my back to the speaker, rattling with the bass. I forgot about the things that I'd learn from. I remember them and and took the leap. Things scare me, I know. I turn it inside out usually. Staging a coup on kfai has reminded me how easy it is to just do what you want. I'm kind of exhausted of everyone worrying what everyone thinks of everyone else, worrying that they can't do something because of what someone else may think, doing things they're not really into because for some reason or another its been implanted in their heads that they have no choice. Learned fears. I have to kill my learned fears, thanks mom and dad. Learned fears from multiple years. Only thing I'm into right now is this lust of mine for all things audio visceral and everything that comes along with those spaces