Saturday, May 29, 2010

24 hrs

air swift in summer, sparkle breeze fancy
basement studios, wolves of metal, robotic pet, a foreign beer
subtly a perfect circle is drawn

candy cane
oh but they went that way and
bent into a cloud

I am the one who gets fat on boredom
then throws it all up, how do you
like my resistance? its reactionary,
at best. naturally the result is astronomical
at least this habit is fading, new
habits are forming, truer nuances and
the chemical fat all trimmed away

the various colors of cement as it dries and the end result, a pyramid
want to make the world feel good,
give it time
anyone got some to spare?
I received a pill capsule filled entirely with green glitter. what if
we eat this entire thing

Sunday, May 16, 2010


looking for skin, some kind of melting and alternate space. inside the other one
ethereal bliss of dick. forays into pornographic day trips
now who hurts now who hurts when it gets too big oh oh oh no

big hot hard light bulb wired to the
grass is greener, milky way
down in texas with a broken car window and rain it gets too big oh oh no
chris you go away oh oh we fucked our pain away you know
with pins and kits heroin kitsch another life away oh oh

sick fix, hipster kiss is the downward spiral


want to oooh want to
misanthropic skeptic
strychnine inclined

eat computer
winsome or
benign in some areas
just want some touch

Friday, May 14, 2010


Yellow world umbrella we are
Wonder bread confetti

anatomically mine, slim hearted hard to find
silver lining, zippers

The howl of the new england zephyrs, all wailing down one shadowed shore and

how much love could be enough

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

are you charging for questions?

There is really a lot. Of everything and chasing it around takes
a lot
What is the age that hits with the feeling of
being grown up and too old for what you already
feel like you are too young for?
how old is anything really and what is perspective based on,

has time become more of an opinion than a measurement? math is like dark matter, numbers,
zodiac signs, constellations,
seismographic waves,
igneous rock

an ocean. where did you go? I looked for you in places I didn't remember,
found you and left the room because
it was someone else and so am I it was
hard and cold but the ghost was old news, took new ones and kept in mind all the
numbers, add it down

then what does the truth mean anyway if nobody even wants to hear it I hear about odd assumptions that are more like false opinions its easy to get inside of my head,
modern life is an outward projection, this world
in a skull, thinking now on the tip of your spine,
mine, shared space, air, here all the time

no more white noise, if it all shut off
negative sound pooling over,
turning it to
everything looked saccharine, the sky bent open in fractals of crystal prisms moving in tracks
ten trillion watt strobe light and the effortless
drone of black night

Sunday, May 2, 2010

tales from the bubble bath

funny you should say that, i started to examine it more closely
if it was the cobain aspect that turned you on
i know

under the slit of weird pre-dawn sky,
rows of willow trees, limbs all entwined, after decades of twisting and technological advancements like the
microwave and silicon breast implants, stark against the dreaming sky
that is just how they caused it to be, but theirs was by mistake
evolution is not a game of follow the leader, this one is in hide and seek, the
predator and prey exactly the same, or literally, or maybe its just that we figured it out

i'm still wondering when all the rest will catch on.

the cataclysmic reshuffling of the infrastructure, ribcage, spine, song, and dance of each structurized nation's social and political construct spread spiderweb cracks growing into fault lines marring the

way to solve it obviously is to just be free

synthesized states of mellow yellow or the lapses of time your charms provoke, my favorite toys
playing it cool, getting lost out in the magnetic fields, thinking middle eastern vibes via viola and a big black amp
black cords, the most candy colored pastel state of being

pale wrist wrapped in cord, strobe light tracking vision of an arm against a wall, bass

we were
running all over town in a paper plane, naked sweating fingers clinging to its white seamless edges, precise incisions, all the paper cuts just opened up
that was the anti-gift, a paper cut.


the cops pulled over a white car down on the street, cedar avenue seen from one story about the west bank convenience store...the car had no rear license plates so the cop took their registration as another patrol car waited, both cars' lights flashing, 1:27 A.M. the guy in the back seat had the nerve to say something confrontational and the police removed him from the vehicle and ordered his friends to drive away, leaving him behind encircled by four police officers with guns and nighsticks in their holsters. after a brief talking-to the man was told to walk up the block. as he was walking away the police were grinning and laughing amongst themselves, ambling over to their cars and sliding over the dark leather into the vacant space that occupies the only authority we're all supposed to obey

i like the look of dark sleek machinery, shiny things and anything that runs on batteries or electricity or is stemming from a cord attatched to an outlet or runs by sunlight or heat or by magic, cassette tapes and panels of little light-up buttons

it does say on my twitter that i live in the magicastle of narnia, and i really do.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Things and Stuff

There's this cool weird thing happening with me where every day something involving Jimi Hendrix makes itself apparent in my life, and last night I think it reached climactic proportions when an absolute stranger at a rave came up to me and asked if I wanted a which I replied yes, upon which time he reached into his pocket and handed me a Jimi Hendrix cassette. Every magazine I open has some Hendrix reference, I went to the Walker last week and ended up in a hammock listening to his tunes watching screen projections of his album cover all over the walls...I found lots of Hendrix references last weekend in Chicago and people just seem to keep talking about him BUT come on, I'm seriously kind of tripped out about this whole thing and I'm wondering if its going to escalate, although I can't think of anything weirder happening other than Jimi ending up alive in Mexico and on the phone with me trying to get me to go down there and hide out too... And let me also say that I am definitely a fan of coincidence but also rely predominantly on chance, and both are playing such a huge part in recent happenings... but Hendrix? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I think it all started when I began wearing velvet pants on a regular basis. But yeah, major mind-fuck, a man I've never even seen walking out of that weird abyss that is 2532 25th ave s and straight up to me with this tape in his hand.

Anyway, I was reading Adbusters this morning on the train at 6:30 AM after raving all night, returning home to shower, and then heading out to work...and this shit is important.

"The nucleus accumbens is a tiny structure of the brain located within the striatum, which controls movement, and next to the limbic system, which is involved with emotion and learning. The accumbens is the main junction between our emotions and actions. These closely linked motot and emotive functions also extend to the prefrontal cortex, which controls our thought processes. It is this accumbens-striatal-cortical network(the crucial system that links movement, emotion and thinking) that has been dubbed the "effort-driven rewards circuit.
This effort-driven rewards circuit is a proposed neuroanatomical network that underlies most symptoms associates with depression. It is actually possible to correlate every symptom of depression with a breain part on this circuit. Loss of pleasure? The nucleus accumbens. Sliggishness and slow motor response? The striatum. Negative feelings? The limbic system. Poor concentration? The prefrontal cortex. The brain is also programmed to derive a deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure if physical effort produces something tangible, visible and necessary for survival. So if I go out in the field and harvest my own food, my effort-driven rewards circuit will be stimulated, causing neurogenesis (the production of new brain cells), which is believed to be an important factor in recovering from depression."