Saturday, April 3, 2010


I can't believe there's so many things going on at this pocket in time, I fear that I keep making myself go faster each time just so I won't miss the next one. But running back and forth downtown last night then to the west bank under the cover of black sky to rooms with musicians and body painting, stages and bodygaurds and coat check rooms with tape recorded sounds. Picnics on the floor with an apple and my back to the speaker, rattling with the bass. I forgot about the things that I'd learn from. I remember them and and took the leap. Things scare me, I know. I turn it inside out usually. Staging a coup on kfai has reminded me how easy it is to just do what you want. I'm kind of exhausted of everyone worrying what everyone thinks of everyone else, worrying that they can't do something because of what someone else may think, doing things they're not really into because for some reason or another its been implanted in their heads that they have no choice. Learned fears. I have to kill my learned fears, thanks mom and dad. Learned fears from multiple years. Only thing I'm into right now is this lust of mine for all things audio visceral and everything that comes along with those spaces