Tuesday, April 6, 2010


caked with layers of
mindspit, how did mandela peel himself out, or the
king, martyred luther

mr stand in, you forgot about the margins

how many names do you need to do it under a sea of coalitions, committees,
conditions? political leverage and monopoly money,

get out of jail free cards
Hallmark and green cards
immigation status and six years incarcerated.
interstate 10 like a guillotine blade and the green face of mexico
shantytown freckles

Why did you serve in the Persian Gulf War? I served for this country because I believe in this country. I thought that they needed our help. Now it seems ironic...

and the judge says
"There's many veterans that came in front of me. What makes you so special?"

two to three thousand aliens
who have served in the US military
facing deportation

then Sargeant down on 1st and 7th, all the too much love kids and the taxi cabs, and hundreds of confirmed kills performed by the hands that are shining their shoes

biting the hand that feeds and every other kind too.chess games played on foreign soil and their
anticlimactic results
play-time politics in a sandbox
ken doll with princess diana
scenic route to the tower of babel
salt pillars looking familiar somehow