Sunday, May 2, 2010

tales from the bubble bath

funny you should say that, i started to examine it more closely
if it was the cobain aspect that turned you on
i know

under the slit of weird pre-dawn sky,
rows of willow trees, limbs all entwined, after decades of twisting and technological advancements like the
microwave and silicon breast implants, stark against the dreaming sky
that is just how they caused it to be, but theirs was by mistake
evolution is not a game of follow the leader, this one is in hide and seek, the
predator and prey exactly the same, or literally, or maybe its just that we figured it out

i'm still wondering when all the rest will catch on.

the cataclysmic reshuffling of the infrastructure, ribcage, spine, song, and dance of each structurized nation's social and political construct spread spiderweb cracks growing into fault lines marring the

way to solve it obviously is to just be free

synthesized states of mellow yellow or the lapses of time your charms provoke, my favorite toys
playing it cool, getting lost out in the magnetic fields, thinking middle eastern vibes via viola and a big black amp
black cords, the most candy colored pastel state of being

pale wrist wrapped in cord, strobe light tracking vision of an arm against a wall, bass

we were
running all over town in a paper plane, naked sweating fingers clinging to its white seamless edges, precise incisions, all the paper cuts just opened up
that was the anti-gift, a paper cut.