Wednesday, May 5, 2010

are you charging for questions?

There is really a lot. Of everything and chasing it around takes
a lot
What is the age that hits with the feeling of
being grown up and too old for what you already
feel like you are too young for?
how old is anything really and what is perspective based on,

has time become more of an opinion than a measurement? math is like dark matter, numbers,
zodiac signs, constellations,
seismographic waves,
igneous rock

an ocean. where did you go? I looked for you in places I didn't remember,
found you and left the room because
it was someone else and so am I it was
hard and cold but the ghost was old news, took new ones and kept in mind all the
numbers, add it down

then what does the truth mean anyway if nobody even wants to hear it I hear about odd assumptions that are more like false opinions its easy to get inside of my head,
modern life is an outward projection, this world
in a skull, thinking now on the tip of your spine,
mine, shared space, air, here all the time

no more white noise, if it all shut off
negative sound pooling over,
turning it to
everything looked saccharine, the sky bent open in fractals of crystal prisms moving in tracks
ten trillion watt strobe light and the effortless
drone of black night