Sunday, May 2, 2010


the cops pulled over a white car down on the street, cedar avenue seen from one story about the west bank convenience store...the car had no rear license plates so the cop took their registration as another patrol car waited, both cars' lights flashing, 1:27 A.M. the guy in the back seat had the nerve to say something confrontational and the police removed him from the vehicle and ordered his friends to drive away, leaving him behind encircled by four police officers with guns and nighsticks in their holsters. after a brief talking-to the man was told to walk up the block. as he was walking away the police were grinning and laughing amongst themselves, ambling over to their cars and sliding over the dark leather into the vacant space that occupies the only authority we're all supposed to obey

i like the look of dark sleek machinery, shiny things and anything that runs on batteries or electricity or is stemming from a cord attatched to an outlet or runs by sunlight or heat or by magic, cassette tapes and panels of little light-up buttons

it does say on my twitter that i live in the magicastle of narnia, and i really do.