Thursday, March 18, 2010

march weather funtime earth joke zone

emily dickinson doesn't seem real. I can't tell if
glass or metal is better, the khaki sand of victorville
bleeding joshua trees out of the
Earth upside down

Inside out (nitrogen pallor)
so were the molecules,
so was your head, winsome skeptic in gentleman's attire
midnight infrastructure
Playing dress-up with personalities, costumes
vintage swedish prophetic manual-esque documentation of
Fifty cent garnet piece in my pocket and
project outline and stem cells of the thing that will get me to the

Not to invite those caught in the fray of their post-existence, edges of
after life whatever, death world born of pre-loss of 21 grams
the haunting and the aftermath

March 18th 2010.
anatomical medical drawings, amulets, electronic sound technology communication with the dead, the psychic, raver favors, mohave desert map

you don't know what is about to happen, I'm not seduced by the static, popular culture: a hooker in prada
Thin sheets of mica found under the dirt, rock that breaks in shields to pull strips of glittering geological
The start of all this excess?
rock or an egg or bang bang or the dregs of a
tired heretics fable,

jesus now comes in LED, your web browser tracks common threads to base faux-friend ad assault campaigns, pretend they

know you
will find you on
Twitter of course is an easy distraction

These Are the Breaks

african music, bicycles suspended indoors, shiny polished cheap psuedo crocodile loafers, linoleum, bubble wrap, retail fixturing

weekend remote control nailed to the semi-automatic through the fast forward button, the trigger is not obstructed. sticks, holsters, spurs, flip book imagery in pixelated color bars

1920's black and white cigarette holder, every unaffordable party or conquest, cloud nine and the numerical path

blogs, soda, reasons behind erraticly reverting between eccentricities, in a business meeting in your joke soap bubble delusion where you saw fame and sold all your
took off your clothes, switched to abbreviations
I'm not in the places I've already gone

knuckles and the spins, all the nuances sweetly ignored, battles with the inexplicably vacant, fader guest list paranoia of america

amber waves of grain, darwin being better than
a virgin just physically couldn't give birth so how can evolution the
new episode of tuning out and turning off on channel 74th street exit he wrote the
directions knew all of the lines it was

Premeditated. Sophia was pushing a vaccuum around in a floor length sari. Money is green paper with pictures that comes out of a printer. Debt is fake, her weave and disney robot marionette adolescents run on false hope


Black Beauty will turn off the lights the beige canvas drapes drawn ceiling closer than hardwood flooring radio off car tires on cedar, axis to axis.

distilled, reacting
indecisive results, who carries magic 8 balls in this town