Wednesday, March 17, 2010

do you ever

Do you ever?

Think about nuerotransmitting systems and the physiological make-up of your brain,
ever fake norepinephrine?
Have you ever

the molecular structure an easy hexagonal compound is it the
when real and fake?
I fell on a man-made twist of the arm and broke my
neck is directly affected
hey baby I am hooked tooth and

nail for your business of
knowing so well

the day came, every day and
Mornings hit hard when you make them and
Norepinephrine could run out but not this early in the
Games from them were
all they hated to give me
I played like a
piano with big shiny fat keys

Ever made it do whatever you want when you
Know you might not really be in control but you
haven't lost the conviction
Or the knife