Tuesday, March 9, 2010

go on dark humor and hip hop habits

That one also comes in chrome

she already lived this day but it keeps
what the fuck is she supposed to do anyway if she can't decide which one to go on? Its okay guys I'm an old pro who is she trying to
prove wrong or shoot dead

when she sat up the air was a mask in suspension stretched
over my eyes so I
Threw it away again, time to play machine gun with your
crippling wealth of stories she wants to speak fables in the
empty spaces,

I'm so happy because she is blind but
now she needs to go away, christopher wallace is trying to tell me something but harlem put holes in my arms
Donna was the funnel that sarah fell into
Rabbit holes are child's play
against a bag of spoons

don't be scared, there's prescription medication for this sort of
It doesn't work sir,

white white white all over how do bones grow, all the archetypes are rearing their ugly heads but she already saw where the
joke was only a joke to her
and real function was not
What is that

All I can tell you is that it gets really strange and I'm mostly just trying to cope with it