Friday, January 1, 2010

not like this year is made out of a disco ball or something

So, it took me forever to figure this out. I always had a certain disdain toward computers and other mechanical devices as well as an increasing need to obtain of all of them and master their usage until I got bored with their battery-operated similarities. I wondered why my friend Jason painted a blackberry inside of a crack pipe and then I realized that it is indeed a crackberry and lots of people are in synch with their i-pods too. It's totally bizarre that it is already about four hours into 2010. 1987 was a good year; the Berlin Wall fell and I was born in January and in three weeks, I'm going to be 23, but back then "I was just a newborn stranger in this town" (pink floyd doesn't go away).

New years resolutions:

Don't stop
Don't even stress about it
Sequins and glitter and black ruffles and red lipstick will never go out of style
Your cat will always outsmart you

January 1st, 2010 started out as December of 2009 going to Chambers which had lots of balloon strings over the hallway and white rooms and a steel elevator or at least it was factory-like in color...dipping into the basement...outside the sidewalks were under a sheet of ice

But down hennepin and onto 7th and 1st there was a

Classixx were wondering how I got between them

God the chambers hotel had a giant lottery sign right outside of the fourth floor window but we were busy trying to get the bathroom door to shut or someone else to shut it

And then a cab driver later it was 5 AM and we all underwent nuclear fission and spread about like dandelion spores on the war path to our own beds or some afterparty or a dream or twelve and a twitter account and a microphone and you realize you just made a total request live

Freestyle could keep me interested if it was yours, anything that you have is unavoidable anyway

Thanks for a perfect new years, I could not have orchestrated a more successful evening as it was one born out of a whim